There are many applications & tools out there designed to help maximize & take full advantage of your productivity.  Be more organized, work faster, be less distracted.


I wanted to try my hand at a tool that would help users optimize creativity instead. 

Design thinking relies on the creative process.  How can we encourage users to get into the creative mindset?


Research questions:

  • General
    • What is creativity?
    • What is "creative" and what isn't? Who determines that & how?
    • Is "creative" something to aspire to? Why or why not?
    • How is creativity measured?
    • How is creative potential defined/measured?  Is this different than creativity?
    • Can creativity be learned?
    • Is all creative work generative?
    • How is creativity related to learning?
  • Factors that impact creativity
    • What are the ideal conditions that foster creativity? 
    • What conditions make creativity more difficult?
    • How do these concepts intercept/relate? Creativity/Focus/curiosity/Distraction/productivity/uniqueness/innovation/communication
    • How can we square creativity with other constraints
    • How is creativity affected by age?
    • What are some blockers to creativity?
    • What is the best way to foster your own or someone else's creativity?
    • How does creativity relate to Maslow's hierarchy?
    • What is an affective filter?
    • What are some of the creative things you’ve seen children do?  When you’re with them, do they make you more creative?
    • According to Pablo Picasso, “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”  What do you think must be destroyed?  Is it possible to apply Picasso’s creative philosophy to your workplace?
    • Creativity can often lead to conflict and instability. Why do you think this is? And why then might you want more creativity in your life or organization?
    • When you’re in a group, what type of behaviors help stimulate your creativity? What type of behaviors or comments diminish it?
    • Are there certain questions that keep resurfacing for you?


Some sources

To Get More Creative, Become Less Productive

  • "Creativity needs time and space to grow. Although we can systematically engage in activities that are related to creativity, it is hard to systematize creativity itself."
  • "Although we can systematically engage in activities that are related to creativity, it is hard to systematize creativity itself."
  • "Moreover, creative enterprises rarely involve steady and measurable progress. Instead, being creative involves trying lots of different possibilities, struggling down several blind alleys before finding the right solution."
  • "...a lot of creative activity may look suspiciously like loafing around until the breakthrough comes."


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